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Set of 4 “Oriental Scenery” Aquatints

Set of 4 “Oriental Scenery” Aquatints

Thomas Daniell, RA
English, 1749-1840
(clockwise from top right)
     "Eastern Gate of the Jummah Musjid, Delhi"
     "An Hindoo Temple at Deo, in Bohar"
     "A View of the Jummah Musjid, Delhi"
     "Mausoleum of Sultan Chusero, near Allahabad"
Aquatints published in Oriental Scenery (London, 1795)

These form part of a set of 24 scenes of India created by Thomas Daniell and his nephew William Daniell. They continued to produce more scenes through 1808 to produce a full series of 144. Their work was an instant commercial success in Britain, and is said to have both surpassed other images of the subcontinent from that period as well as contributed to the public knowledge of India at the time.

The Daniells worked together to produce original paintings on site, as well as the prints when they returned to London. William would lay out the underdrawing with the aid of a camera obscura, and Thomas would lay in the washes and fine details. While these aquatints are rare, it is rarer still to find examples that retain so much of their original colour.

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