Ruins of Nero’s Aqueduct - Prints & Drawings

Ruins of Nero’s Aqueduct

Ruins of Nero’s Aqueduct

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Italian, 1720-1778
Avanzi degl'Aquedotti Neroni (Ruins of Nero's Aqueduct)
Engraving on laid paper, c. 1775

Piranesi is known for his many copperplate engravings showing views of Rome, including picturesque Roman ruins. Nero had this aqueduct built to siphon water from the Aqua Claudia to feed his infamous Domus Aurea [Golden House]. 

Plate: 19.5" h. x 28" w.
Frame: 27.75" h. x 37.5" w.

SOLD 11/2018