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Portrait of Maria de Medici
Portrait of Maria de Medici

Portrait of Maria de Medici

Attr: Justus Sustermans
(Circle of Peter Paul Rubens)
Dutch, 1597-1681
Portrait of Maria de Medici
Oil on canvas

This monumental portrait of the famous Queen of France was originally attributed to Rubens, and is published as such in a 1932 compendium of paintings in the Max Oberlander collection in Vienna. It has since been reattributed to one of his better students, most likely Sustermans.

De Medici (1575-1642) married Henry IV of France in 1600, and remained there after his death to rule as regent for their infant son, Louis XIII. She was one of the most powerful women in French history and left a lasting legacy on the history and culture of Europe during the Baroque period. She comissioned numerous works by Rubens, who studied in Italy and thus liely appealed to her taste, as well as other artists in his circle.

Canvas: 50" h. x 40" w.
Frame: 65" h. x 53" w.

Price: $35,000