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Portrait of a Greek Girl

Portrait of a Greek Girl

Louise Rose Julie Hugo, née Duvidal de Montferrier
French, 1797-1865
Portrait d'une Jeune Fille Grecque en Costume d'Athènes [Portrait of a Young Greek Girl in Athenian Costume]
Oil on Panel in original frame, c. 1833

Born the daughter of a marquis, Hugo was a educated in the arts from a young age and studied under Jacques Louis David and François Gérard. Victor Hugo was her brother-in-law, although the two did not get on well according to contemporary accounts. Hugo worked with Delacroix and Ingres as well as exhibiting work in her own right, highly unusual for a female artist of the period.

This painting was exhibited in the Salon of 1833 (Number 1271), and it still bears its original show label on the back of the panel.

Panel: 16.4" h. x 13" w.
Frame: 19" h. x 15.5" w.

Price: $4,200

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