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Madonna & Child
Madonna & Child

Madonna & Child

After Raphael
The Sistine Madonna (original, c. 1512)
Painting on Porcelain by Berlin KPM
German, c. 19th century

Numerous copies of Raphael's more celebrated work have been made in the five centuries since it was finished. This work depicts the Madonna holding the Christ Child, flanked by Saint Sixtus and Saint Barbara. The original was commissioned by Pope Julius II for the Benedictine Monastery of San Sisto in Piacenza in honour of his late uncle, Pope Sixtus IV.

Paintings on porcelain, having the ability to accept extremely fine brush strokes, were popular media for copying the works of the Great Masters. The workshop of Berlin KPM is widely considered to have produced some of the finest.

Plaque: 12" h. x 10" w.
Frame: 18" h. x 16" w.

Price: $9,500