Dockyards with Windmill - Paintings

Dockyards with Windmill

Dockyards with Windmill

Philipp Weber
German/American 1851-1921
Dockyards with Windmill (dated 1878)
Oil on canvas

Philipp Weber was a cousin of Carl Philipp Weber and of Carl Weber. Their names have confused dealers and auctioneers ever since; works by Philipp are noted as being “quite rare”. One of their uncles was Paul Weber, also a well-known artist of the time.

All of the Webers tended to work in the same subject matter, and versions of these dockyard scenes with the windmills in the background show up in several examples of their work. Both Philipp and Carl Phillip painted in Europe as well as America; these scenes were likely painted in the Netherlands or Northern Germany.

Canvas: 58.5" h. x 42" w.
Frame: 70" h. x 54" w.

Price: $9,500